A guide on when to get your house repainted in San Diego

San Diego Exterior House Painting by Gen Pro Painting


You might have thought about painting your home. However, you are not sure if you need to. Do not worry! I am here to provide a guide on when to get your house repainted in San Diego.


Your house is a showcase of you, and you have designed it from the ground up. Your property is your oasis on your San Diego neighborhood block, representing your personality, style, and charm. Do not neglect the paint. Most of us do but do not let it be you. It is worthwhile to keep your exterior and interior paint in tip-top shape for many reasons. 


Gen Pro Painting San Diego Interior House painting






Gen Pro Painting San Diego Interior House painting


Gen Pro Painting San Diego Exterior House painting


Gen Pro Painting San Diego Exterior House painting


Top Reasons to Repaint Your House

Fading Paint

San Diego has sunshine most of the year, and it gets HOT. Have you ever thought about what the sun could be doing to your home? Probably not. We often get sunburned or tan from the sun, but it has the opposite effect on your house paint. The harsh sun is bleaching your home paint. Beware, dark hues tend to fade faster than lighter shades. But, do not fret. You can very well fix this and make it look brand new again by applying a fresh coat of paint.

Flaking, bubbling, or cracking paint

If you are one of the lucky ones that get to reside next to the coast, watch out for flaking, bubbling, or cracking paint caused by the sand, salt, moisture, and wind of the ocean breeze. For instance, the coastal San Diego locations like Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, or Solana Beach is vulnerable to high humidity, blowing sand, and ocean breezes that are destructive to your home. Maintaining the paint on your oceanfront properties within 1-2 years is ideal.

Firm Caulk

What is caulk? Caulk seal seams or joints against leakage. We use caulk to seal openings, gaps, and cracks in wood siding and stucco (type of home). For example, we commonly use chalk on window and door frames, undersides of window trim, door trim, or siding. If your caulk is losing its elasticity (due to exposure to harsh weather), and it is stiff and tight when you press down, have it re-caulked.

Stucco Cracks

Stucco cracks usually occur from seasonal changes, heavy wind, or if your stucco has low thickness. Hold your horses! You do not have to re-stucco your entire house just yet. To save costs, you can patch stucco cracks and repaint the whole house. Or else, there will be streaks or a patchwork of paint left on your home that are not complimentary.

Stay Ahead of Paint Chips and Paint Peels

Be proactive instead of reactive. Do not wait until there are visible paint chips! You can reduce damage to the exterior of your home by painting it early. Also, by painting your house in advance, it will diminish the need for as much prep work (scraping flaking paint, caulking seals, or replacing wood).

Change in Paint Color

Notice that the paint color on your house is not what it used to be? It’s not surprising because UV rays from the sun cause the paint to fade and transform to an undesired shade after the initial painting. For instance, beige can alter to pink in a matter of weeks. When it degrades your home aesthetic, it’s time for a color repaint.

If You Have A New Home

Congrats! If you recently bought a home, you want it to keep it looking new as long as possible. To keep your house in tip-top shape, ensure you are painting your new home within five years. By maintaining your paint job, it will give your home a substantial layer of protective paint. It will help preserve your house before too much damage has occurred.

Increase Curb Appeal

Over time, the paint on your home starts to lackluster. If you’re moving out of San Diego and plan on selling your home, you should apply a fresh coat of paint on your home in an alluring shade. It can revamp your home and make it stand out against the others in your neighborhood. In turn, this will raise your home value.

I hope you learned a lot from my guide on when to get your house repainted in San Diego and helped you make a decision. If you have any questions or need an expert San Diego house painter, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!