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Bright and bold? Soft and sweet? What is your color palette? Express your personality through a fresh coat of paint in your office or room. Make it come to life with your expression and vibrance! It’s time to redecorate, rejuvenate, and revive any room in your home.

Can’t decide on a color? We, Gen Pro Painting, can provide our personal opinion on the best color paint for any room in your home. We’re here for you every step of the way. Although you might think it’s a daunting project, we make it easy for you to renovate and revamp your place. We’ll even let you in on our secret! We’ll tell you how we make that fresh coat of paint look picture perfect.

It is all in the prep work. We are adamant about the crucial details. We are attentive and will inform you if we spot any imperfections on your walls. For example, nail holes, bumps, scrapes, or drywall repair. Ultimately, it is your choice if you want the defects repaired. If so, after your consent and approval, we proceed to do the necessary repair work before painting. Also, we preserve and take care of your home furnishings. We provide protective coverings and clean all workspaces of any debris or trash. Not to mention, we use only the finest quality paints. Our mission is to leave you with a fresh coat of paint that will last for many years.

Gen Pro Painting is here to help you add your personal touch to a room or increase your home’s value. We are your San Diego house painter; we have nothing but solutions.

Interior Painting Services include:
  • Fresh paint in any room in your home or office
  • Drywall repair and texturing
  • Repaint kitchen, office or other cabinetry repainting
  • Staining
  • Wood repairs for replacement
  • Installation of baseboards or mouldings
  • Woodwork painting

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